Chipotle can definitely be considered one of America’s favorite spots to grab delicious mexican food. Unfornately for the food chain, Chipotle is now under fire for child labor violations. The company has been fined $1.3 million thanks to over 13,000 child labor violations. The violations were found in varying locations in Massachusetts, according to the […]


If you eat chipotle, or sweet green you may want to know that a new study conducted by New Food Economy, shows the Bowls may contain, so-called “forever chemicals” linked to cancer and other undesirable outcomes. Testing was done on the molded fiber bowls in question at 14 different locations of 8 different New York City […]


Popular eatery Chipotle is coming under fire for the use of their supposed compostable and plant-based brown bowls! A new report by New Food Economy found that the popular bowls are not only dangerous for the environment but equally dangerous for the people eating out of them too. According to Newsweek, molded fiber bowls were […]

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Poor Chipotle just can't shy away from bad press.


Do y’all remember back in November when we reported on Chipotle’s E. Coli outbreak? At first, Seattle, WA and Portland, OR were the only states…

Our favorite Mexican kinda-sorta-fast-food-restaurant Chipotle is closing down 43 of its restaurants in Oregon and Washington after 22 cases of E. Coli were linked to the popular spot.


Via Business Insider: Chipotle will now deliver your burrito — for a price. The restaurant chain told investors it has signed a deal with delivery…


Chipotle found itself the victim of racist hackers Sunday, the Daily Dot reports. SEE ALSO: Cops Caught On Facebook Showing Their Racial Biases Users screen-grabbed the…