The living legend himself, Magic Johnson, has tapped in to his giving heart to make sure he does his part to help Americans recover from our COVID crisis. Johnson is focusing on assisting minorities and women-owned businesses that have suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic. He has pledged $100 million through his insurance company to […]


  Many people are finding themselves dealing with not only the coronavirus crisis, but also a rapidly depleting financial crisis. According to the current statistics, minorities are struggling at a higher rate than others. More so, African-Americans are being heavily impacted by the effects of this global pandemic. Local non-profit organization, The Columbus Urban League, […]

The 614

The state of Ohio is in a state if emergency since the threat of spreading the Coronavirus has us all at risk. In efforts to counteract the threat many different businesses, schools, official offices and more have shut down operations for the time being. The city of Columbus is trying to do all it can […]


Ohio has been experiencing a drastic rise in drug related deaths in recent times. So much so that the United States government has deemed it necessary to step in an offer whatever help necessary to combat the epidemic. United State Senator representing Ohio, Republican Rob Portman, announced the Department of Health and Human Services awarded […]


  The City of Columbus is committed to tackling the deadly opioid drug crisis that has been wrecking havoc within our communities. Explosive overdose statistics and the pain endured by countless families is constantly pushing efforts. City leaders are taking all necessary risks to terminate the source in many areas. City leaders secured an emergency […]


A Judge Rules Flint Residents Can Sue Over Water Crisis! A judge ruled today that the residents of Flint, Michigan can move forward with lawsuits filed against the federal government due to the ongoing water crisis. This motion is a huge victory in the fight for justice for residents who have had their water supply […]

The 614

The opioid epidemic we are in the midst of in the United States is enough to scare most straight. Some parts of the country have been hit harder than others with the issue. In efforts to fight against the deadly epidemic U.S. health officials are giving $350 million to researchers in four specific states that […]

DJ Dimepiece

Beyonce may be getting a lot of coins with her Formation World Tour but that doesn’t stop her from giving back to those in need.  She raises thousands of dollars to those affected by the Flint Water Crisis. via Celebrity Gossip Queen Bey, Beyonce has raised more than $82,000 to help those affected by the […]

Lee Lee

Sean “Diddy” Combs, Mark Wahlberg, Wiz Khalifa and Michigan native Eminem add to the long list of celbrities answering the call to action by donating 1 million bottles of water to Flint. According to Love B. Scoot Diddy and Mark are both investors in AQUAhydrate, the company responsible for sending the bottles. Good to know… […]

The 614

Is today’s black man afraid of marriage?  Are we running away from family and commitment?  Is there is a Black male marriage crisis and does something need to be done?  Check it out. VIA THEFRESHXPRESS.COM We are always reminded that for all the debate over interracial dating, that while MORE brothers marry out than sisters, […]