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The City of Columbus is committed to tackling the deadly opioid drug crisis that has been wrecking havoc within our communities. Explosive overdose statistics and the pain endured by countless families is constantly pushing efforts. City leaders are taking all necessary risks to terminate the source in many areas.

City leaders secured an emergency court order allowing them to temporarily shut down a home they have deemed as having a ‘revolving door’ of drug dealers. The multi-family home, located on South Central Avenue, is the 16th drug-related property that City Attorney Zach Klein has secured an injunction to close, this year.

Certain neighborhoods in the city of Columbus have proven to be areas of intense focus . Fifty percent of those 16 properties, closed by the city, have been located on the city’s west side.

The Columbus Division of Police has responded to this particular property several times over the last year, according to city records. During those calls, officers have seized heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl, along with several weapons and ammunition. They have also investigated an allegation of domestic abuse and incest, stemming from the property.

“It’s unclear who the legal tenants were supposed to be or how they paid rent, but what is certain about this property is the fact that the owner was not in control as required by law,” Klein said. “There seemed to be a revolving door of drug dealers and other criminals who used the premises as a way station for all sorts of disturbing conduct. That’s why we had no choice but to go to court to seek this emergency board-up order.”

During a hearing scheduled for September 16th, a judge will consider declaring the property a public nuisance. If that determination is made, state law will grant the court authority to shut down the property for up to one year.

Meanwhile, city leaders expressed gratitude for the court’s decision in closing the property, which also sits near a school for the developmentally disabled. Creating an unhealthy environment surrounding a place of education.

“We greatly appreciate the court granting us the emergency board-up order and hope shutting this property down for the foreseeable future will provide relief to the neighbors who live nearby,” said Assistant City Attorney Zach Gwin.

“It’s particularly troubling to know that the illegal conduct associated with this property was taking place less than two blocks from West Central School, which is operated by the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities.”

Source: NBC4i