The 614

Crowds gather again Friday night to protest police brutality and the recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN. Thursday night peaceful protest turned violent as some riot and looted local businesses and broke into the Ohio Statehouse. On Friday, groups of protest remained peaceful but some turned violent. Those showcasing aggression were met with […]


  The City of Columbus is committed to tackling the deadly opioid drug crisis that has been wrecking havoc within our communities. Explosive overdose statistics and the pain endured by countless families is constantly pushing efforts. City leaders are taking all necessary risks to terminate the source in many areas. City leaders secured an emergency […]

News Crenshanda Williams has gotten herself into big trouble with authorities. The former 911 operator in Houston, Texas is being accused of hanging up on emergency calls. According to reports, Eyewitness News went looking for Williams on Wednesday afternoon. The former operator opened the door but as soon as she saw the camera, she closed the […]