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Many people are finding themselves dealing with not only the coronavirus crisis, but also a rapidly depleting financial crisis. According to the current statistics, minorities are struggling at a higher rate than others. More so, African-Americans are being heavily impacted by the effects of this global pandemic.

Local non-profit organization, The Columbus Urban League, has stepped up to help combat the detrimental effects of this state of emergency. According to the CUL, African-American people and/or families are found in higher numbers in homeless shelters due to COVID-19.

The bottom line: The Columbus Urban League wants to make sure black families are able to keep a roof over their heads during these difficult times.

Monday, the Urban League announced a grant that will ensure hundreds of families stay safe and off the streets.

CEO of the Columbus Urban League, Stephanie Hightower has designated this grant as the Home Stabilization Program. She has witnessed the unfortunate effects of COVID-19 burdening families and refuses to stand by silently.

According to Hightower, more than 900 families are up for eviction right now. For help, those in need are encouraged to contact the Columbus Urban League through the website, www.cul.org.


Source: NBC4i