Looks like the beef, well chicken battle, has solved itself. In a shocking development Tuesday afternoon, Popeyes announced via Twitter that they would no longer carry the highly sought after chicken sandwiches that caused literally everyone in the world to go crazy over the last week or so. Popeyes projected inventory would last till the […]


Popeyes dropped a new chicken sandwich earlier this week that has the internet going crazy including trolling from the Louisiana based chicken supplier who wasn’t afraid to take shots at Chick-Fil-A and others who wanted beef…well chicken…war….Who knows!!! DJ Mr. King and Cece chime in on the recent great Chicken Sandwich Debate between Popeyes and […]

  The marijuana industry is a legit billion-dollar business. Despite the constant debate, stigmas, and misconceptions about marijuana use and the true benefits of the plant, it has managed to thrive in our society. With legalization happening nationwide, cannabis is not only a hot topic but a healing property but a booming business. Everyone, from […]

The 614

Not all states require drivers to have a front license plate on their vehicles. Why should we? That is the question being have among Ohio lawmakers. A move has been made within the state’s recent transportation budget to no longer require drivers to have a front license plate on vehicles. Senators Joe Uecker (R -Miami Township), and […]

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Guess who Chris Breezy is saying will win? That is the debate all of battle rap is having leading until April 27th. Cassidy will go head-to-head with Goodz and Tsu Surf had a friendly debate with Chris Brown. Who would have thought Chris Brown was a battle rap fan? Well, see for yourself and yeah […]

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Everyone has their own pick when it comes to who the Greatest Of All Time, well when it comes to basketball MJ just took it to another level by being the 1st to play a full game on water!!! That right MJ did something only the man above can claim to have done……well not actually […]

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#bigbinkshow   I know a lot of people who will not vote during the elections, the sad part is that it isn’t because they don’t care for the parties, the reality is they just don’t have any passion about their voice being heard to make a difference.  If you know people like that make sure […]

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#bigbinkshow   Trump went one on one with Colleen Marshall from NBC4 this week and this is one of the best interviews that I’ve seen because Trump had to answer the Tough questions!  He danced around the answers of course but you have to see it for yourself!   Source: Slaven Vlasic / Getty  

Jeff Johnson describes last night’s third and final presidential debate as a collection of 90 minutes he will never get back. A lot of it, he says, was just more of the same disturbing thing we’ve been seeing throughout the election so far. Donald Trump, as per usual, showed himself to be “so unbelievably disconnected […]

Scores of celebrities have stood up in this election to make their support known for a specific presidential candidate. Inevitably, these endorsements sway the fans of these celebrities to make a choice on who to vote for, whether its in favor or against that candidate. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Either way, a celebrity endorsement […]

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#bigbinkshow     Here is some unreleased footage of what happened before the famous debate we saw on Monday between Hillary and Donald Trump.  After watching this video, I’m sure you will have a different view on this year’s presidential election.  Watch at your own risk.        

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#bigbinkshow            The “Peoples Justice project” has demanded answers from the City Council and haven’t got the                                           answers they wanted related to the Death of Tyree king and others who […]