Over the weekend while kickin’ it at LIV night club in Miami Kodak Black decided to do the unthinkable grab the mic and diss Lil Wayne just outta nowhere. And his response is “Y’all crazy why would I diss Lil Wayne I weigh 180 lbs!” WTF what does that have to do with anything but […]


Can’t make stuff like this up this guy is having such a bad time living life that he wants to blame it on his birth saying he didn’t give consent lol just some BS if you ask me his parents should be able to say if he gets to stick around, he gotta be out […]

I’m sure you are familiar with the story of the stylist vs. the mother who didn’t pay her for her services that took 9 hours on a young girl. In result, the stylist cut the braids off the young girl and posted it to her social media.  Was the stylist right or wrong? Take the poll!

Surveillance footage from a Columbus nightclub appears to clear Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde of an alleged assault, a source familiar with the investigation told Yahoo! Sports. Carlos Hyde rushed for 970 yards with 16 touchdowns last season. (AP)Charges are not expected to be filed against Hyde after video from Sugar Bar 2 shows […]

Here is an interesting article about the notion that Jesus may not have died on the cross. Do you believe it? VIA THE EXAMINER A Christian scholar, and devout believer in Jesus Christ, says that Jesus might not have died on the cross, the enduring symbol of Christianity. Refuting long-held beliefs, theologian Gunnar Samuelsson of […]