In an effort to eliminate underage drinking, Door Dash is implementing new procedures when delivering alcohol. Door Dash drivers will now be scanning customer ID’s to verify identity before they proceed with alcohol deliveries. Not only that, the customer has to come to the door with the ID, and the driver must verify the person […]

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When I first read this I thought no way this is possible this is true but after reading the law which many people have no clue about it’s true if you are under the age of 21 by law you are able to drink alcohol…….Under the supervision of someone who is their parent or guardian […]

Seems like Columbus Short is struggling again. After a series of rough pitfalls over the past few months, he’s back in jail again after violating his probation. He reacted a little too quickly to something he didn’t like at a party, and now, not only does he have another short jail sentence to complete, but he’s […]

The new 'Kimoji' app filled with Kardashian-themed emojis is reportedly making around $1 million per minute.

Although the Buckeyes had a break, Ohio State University Football team’s J.T. Barrett wasn’t given a break but jail time.

Justin Bieber might have been boozing the day Miami cops busted him for allegedly drag racing in Miami, and he’s finally copping to it. Bieber made the confession to Complex — which sees him as a sort of PR Houdini, who keeps walking away clean after his screw-ups. JB initially denied speeding or drag racing, […]

A pub owner in Florida was arrested last week after making racist comments and pointing a gun at a young Black couple, the Orlando Sentinel reports.…

Just to clarify, its still illegal even if your a magician! SOURCE 1. Hide your beer can inside a soda can.   Here’s how. Source: wikihow.com 2. Rock a BeerBelly.   This man doesn’t look like he’s up to anything! Source: thebeerbelly.com WHAT? IT WAS UNDER HIS SHIRT THE WHOLE TIME?   *faints* Source: coolmaterial.com 3. Or, for the ladies, the super-stylin’ WineRack.   […]

College: a time of learning, personal growth, and doing lots of dumb, dumb things. SOURCE 1. Clean while drunk and think this is brilliantly resourceful: 2. Eat ramen every day… and rarely in a bowl:   3. Shower with flip-flops because the bathroom looks like this: 4. Not bother with mixers or glasses or anything that gets between you […]

1. “I was in my weird neighbor’s basement. All he had was straight gin or milk (yes, milk) and kahlua. I drank both, which was a disgusting thing to do. We listened to the Shakira CD that had hips don’t lie on it. I still cannot drink gin to this day.” 2. “Milwaukee’s Best at sophomore prom […]

Never drinking again. 1. The guy who invented a new way of using the stairs: 2. Or the man who found a way to never use the stairs again: 3. The worst Santa Claus ever: 4. The future (let’s say 2017) limbo champ: 5. The man who had his dog take him for a nice walk: 6. The man who will […]