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Why Tee Tee, why? More details are surfacing about what went down when Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Teairra Mari was arrested this weekend for another DUI. Reports state the singer had a bottle of vodka and an open can of 4 Loko in the car when police pulled her over. Police say Mari had […]


Jason Flanery, the St. Louis police officer involved in the shooting death of VonDerrit Myers Jr. in October 2014, has resigned amid a DUI probe.


Heard this story the other day and couldn’t believe it…where are her friends? Thank the lord she didn’t kill someone or herself. The only just…

The United States’ judicial system is cracking down on drunk drivers especially repeat offenders. Timothy Morrow found that out when he was sentenced to 13…

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<strong>Bengals rookie linebacker Rey Maualuga</strong> was arrested for drunk driving last week in Kentucky... <!--more-->

The 614

Do me a favor & read this if you plan on celebrating tonight! <!--more-->