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Gary is back and spilling the tea on Nick Cannon and Chilli. The two were spotted at a concert together and hopefully Chilli is finally finding love. Congratulations is in order for Kobe Bryant, his wife Vanessa is pregnant with another baby girl. Is Kobe’s wife having another baby so he can sit home during […]

Since Kobe Bryant retired he's kept a pretty low profile, but the outpouring of respect and love from fans hasn't stopped, and Snoop Dogg may have given him the best retirement gift yet.

“With that, I have just two more words to say: Obama out," he said.

Kobe Bryant stopped by the Ellen Degeneres show to do his first post retirement interview and lucky for Ellen, Bryant’s petty enough to join in on her prank of an aestetician.

Nick Young said Kobe refused to sign Nick's Adidas and threw them in the trash.

Last night was Kobe Bryant‘s last game and you should see the rings both he AND his wife Vanessa got for retiring! Click Here Not only was Kobe the highlight of TV last night but the Golden State Worriers made history by taking their 73rd win in one season! Click Here for the full story! […]

Rapper Tyga hasn’t has much luck with his cars, if you remember his G-Wagon AND his Bentley Mulsanne were both taken away and now the repo man is after his 2013 Lambo Aventador! Tyga reportedly owes $357,350.77. He better ask Kylie to help him! Click Here for the full story Reportedly Jay Z is leaving home […]

Wednesday night is the last time we'll ever see Kobe Bryant grace the basketball court.