Last night, Lebron James tapped in to his inner superhero and made NBA history ((once AGAIN)) during the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder game. Lebron has now become the first-ever NBA player to have a triple-double against every one of the 30 teams in the NBA! In an interview James said, “I really […]


  The Franklin county prosecutor has confirmed that a grand jury has indicted six people in connection with human trafficking charges. The six people charged are as follows: Samuel Lee Edwards, 49 Elbert Louis Joiner Jr., 51 Lamonte Anthony Rayford, 55 Troy Eugene Whitfield, 58 Shelby Lynn Freeze, 26 Rene Roderick Carter, 58 The Central […]


In a recent interview Fantasia said that women need to step back and stop trying wear the pants in the relationship and let men be the man of the house she also points to this being the reason that most women can’t find a man. Over the past couple of decades we’ve seen the growth […]

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Source: Radio One / Radio One#bigbinkshow is committed to inspiring and helping Young men in Columbus Ohio.  I will be speaking to a group of young Columbus Ohio Residents who need advice or maybe even a role model to bounce ideas off as they continue to develop into leaders and mentors while battling these challenging […]

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  #bigbinkshow – Everyone has been wondering if Tupac is still alive.   He has been reported to have been seen all over the U.S. since his untimely death in 1996.   Now the long awaited Tupac Bio – pic is on the way this summer.  The trailer is CRAZY!!!!        

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Melania Trump comes forward as apologizes to the First Lady about her speech that was 99 percent similar to a speech Mrs. Obama made in 2008……