A whole lot of people are excited some even running in the street after the news that the Cleveland Indians are retiring their very controversial Chief Wahoo logo. Team officials say that it’s no longer appropriate for on field use, the logo has been used since 1948. Some groups say that it’s a racist […]

While the cast of the morning show was discussing the latest episode of Rickey Smiley For Real, Gary opened up about his difficulty getting rid of his tummy. Since he’s gearing up to have his own show pretty soon, Rickey Smiley asked him how he was going to work on slimming down a bit. Sign […]

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Lil Wayne‘s label could lose the firehose that promotes stars like Drake and Nicki Minaj among many others … according to a new lawsuit. Turns out before there was Young Money there was something called — a business specializing in helping young entrepreneurs manage and make money for more than a decade. Read more: […]

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Throughout the month of May, Netflix will lose streaming rights to a whopping 1,794 titles because of expiring deals with Warner Bros., MGM, Universal, and Viacom. A big chunk of them will expire tonight at midnight — and by the end of the month, Netflix Instant will have lost the whole lot. (You can see the […]

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Nas has been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards thus far in his career, and while it seemed like Sunday would be the night he finally took home a trophy, the Queensbridge rapper still walked away empty handed. READ MORE RELATED::Grammy Live Performances [VIDEO] RELATED::Citynewwss at Linden McKinley Get More: Music News


Last year yielded a few new trends we liked, some we grew tired of, and many we really never liked (hidden wedge heels inside sneakers just seem so masochistic). Suddenly not feeling your neon clothing anymore (or perhaps you’ve singed your retinas)? Fear not! Fashion is cyclical and you may want that bright chartreuse dress […]

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VIA FLYPAPERNEWS.COM Written by KayJay – If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to rapper 50 Cent’s Twitter rants and outbursts, you are probably not surprised at this title. I don’t personally follow him, but of course he is the topic of many Twitter conversation and Re-Tweets, so I see a lot. It seems […]