Please believe me someone might’ve lost their lives over the weekend in Kentucky after the winner of the Derby ( Maximum Security) was Disqualified for interference, which made the horse that came in second place Country House the winner. Now if you know anything about horse racing is that betting is a way of life […]


  Should Will Smith get behind this and make into an actual movie??

R.Kelly says it was his spirit that led him to do the now infamous interview with Gayle King he said he wanted to speak his truth. He told his team that because he is so in touch with his spirit he felt that he owed it to himself and to his fans to break his […]

Jay-Z stay making boss moves that keeps money rolling in. ¬†Got to love a business man! He just announced that he is bringing the “Made in America” Tour to Los Angeles.

Maybach Music is back at it with the second installment of their smash label compilation series “Self Made”. Power 107.5 has THE LEAK of the new album “Self Made 2” days before it hits the shelves! Here is your chance to hear it first and decide for yourself. Is Maybach Music the new “Power Circle”? […]