When will people learn to leave synthetic drugs alone??? The police believe that this man was high on the drug called K2 and that it was laced with PCP which also made him hallucinate which made it harder for the police when they got there to handle the situation. People that were watching say that […]

The 614

A very sad day in the city as two teens were shot and one dies in front of a elementary school Columbus Police state that “two 14-year-olds were found with gunshot wounds. Jaykwon M. Sharp was pronounced dead after being rushed to a local hospital at 8:06 p.m. The teen girl was also hospitalized, but […]

The 614

This is happening just a little to often, it used to be even the street knew that there were certain places where crime just didn’t happened. Those places were at churches, mom’s house, and schools but lately all of those old rules of the streets have been thrown out the window according to Fox News…….Police […]

'Brandy's performing for the chairs!' Singer walks off stage after facing near-empty stadium in South Africa