1501 Certified Ent CEO, Carl Crawford, can not stay out of the spotlight these days. As recently reported, 2 people drowned during a small gathering held at Crawford’s Houston home. Now, parents of one of the victims are suing him for the wrongful death of their child. A young woman and 5 year old boy […]

Former MLB star, Carl Crawford has found himself immersed in a nightmare. Last weekend, his place of solitude sadly became the scene of a fatal double drowning. The victims were Bethany Lartigue and 5-year-old Kasen Hersi. Crawford, 38, was reportedly having a small gathering at his Houston home which included around 6 people. The guests […]

The 614

Summer days are going to be short by the pool. YMCA and community pools are facing a conflict due to a shortage of lifeguards on duty. According to 10TV, if you live near Cherry Creek pool you will need to find a new place to beat the heat. “Compared to where we were last year, […]

#bigbinkshow – Nobody knows who this dude is but its obvious that Rihanna knows!  This dude looks like he is about to knock it out the park!!!  Any idea of who it could be?

  #bigbinkshow    Have you ever seen a dog play pool, real pool?  you gotta check out this DOG who goes hard at the pool table.  The internet is going nutz over this!  

We all know that Khloe Kardashian knows how to keep it moving and she has a type.  Athletes! And nice looking ones at that!  Check out her alleged new boo. Looks like there was more going on beside fights at Drake’s Pool Party over the weekend.  Looks like Khloe Kardashian and Odel Beckham Jr. was […]

Memorial Day Weekend is for food, fun and fights?  Well that’s what went down at Drake’s annual Memorial Day Weekend Pool Party.  Here’s footage of the event’s brawl!

Thank goodness for little Allison Anderwald.


When Miles Jai Thomas arrived at a teen birthday party Friday at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool in McKinney, Texas, the gates were open to everyone, he tells The Huffington Post. A security guard then showed up and began removing Black partygoers from the area, and making up rules to block their re-entrance to […]

The REAL fight in Vegas went down the day after Mayweather–Pacquiao — a huge melee at the Rehab pool party hosted by Ludacris. The video is absolute INSANITY — showing multiple brawls around the pool on Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel — fists, chairs, bottles, ice buckets and more were hurled. Even before the fight broke […]

Pools and summertime are the best of friends. But experts are stressing the importance of controlling a potentially dangerous health risk – drinking the pool…

Summer time is here, swim wear is on list of things to buy. So lets keep it real, are you the one to go to a pool party to just hang out to look cute or because you really can’t swim?  If you can’t swim, do you plan on learning?  Call in with your comments! […]