Can anyone last in Hollywood these days?! Well Jordan Sparks and Jason Derulo didn’t as the reportedly split up.

Years ago, I gave up singing. Completely. I just focused on being a wife and a mother. Let me clarify that. I never stopped singing. I just didn’t share it. I’ve recorded a lot of music and just listened to it in the car or in my basement—never sharing it with anyone. So because of […]

Is Kanye West the next Kris Humphries? Just 46 days after the rapper and Kim Kardashian said “I Do,” reports claim that the couple have spent less than two weeks in the same bed. And now, RadarOnline.com has learned, sources close to the couple say that when they actually are together, they’re “miserable!” – See […]

Well as quickly as they sparked flames, the flames were diffused as its been confirmed that the two artists are no longer dating. But why? What happened? Is it this “Beyonce, Solange, Jay-Z” situation?

As with any small business that is still in the growing stages, Roc Nation has lost a client in the new year. Pop rapper M.I.A.…

Martin Lawrence and his wife of 2 years, Shamicka Lawrence, have decided to call it quits. . “Big Momma’s House” star Martin Lawrence & wife Shamicka, who have 2 kids together, were together for 15 years before making it official in 2010. And today, the couple put out a joint statement saying: “Out of love […]

The ageless, super sexy, needs to have another song named after her (can you tell I’m biased) actress Halle Berry is reportedly single again. A source says: “Gabriel just felt it wasn’t working anymore. When they were first together the 9-year age difference between them didn’t phase him, she was the most beautiful woman he […]

One of our favorite couples have decided to part ways!!! Eva Marcille and hottie Lance Gross are over.