22-year-old Darrien Hunt, was shot and killed by police while walking around with the souvenir martial arts weapon outside a convenience store in Saratoga Springs, Utah, last Wednesday. According to the Associated Press, the autopsy concluded that Hunt was shot “numerous times, all from the rear.” “This is consistent with statements made by witnesses on […]

WHITEHALL (Lisa Rantala/Dawn Faugl) — Police say a road rage incident led to a strange attack, after one driver pulled out a samurai sword. Officers charged Joshua Williams with felonious assault and vandalism after they say he confronted another driver who honked his horn at him. http://abc6onyourside.com/news/features/featured/stories/police-case-road-rage-leads-samurai-sword-attack-7684.shtml#.U8e_XPldVBk