#bigbinkshow – Can you believe they were spotted together?  Are these celebrities just sharing each other?  Seems like everyone has just started dating each others former girlfriend or boyfriend.  Look at this new couple!!  Wiz pissed!!!!

#bigbinkshow – Wiz took a pic with his new boo, but did u know he had Tatts on his Knee Caps?  That had to hurt…….

#bigbinkshow – Remember This?  Can you name it? (if you at work don’t cut it up loud.)  

#bigbinkshow – He got off lucky, this time.  Souljia Boy hasn’t had a hit in years,  but he continues to keep himself relevant in the Cyber World.  recently, he went to court to fight gun charges.  Originally,  he was facing 4 years but cut a deal with the DA, so that means probation for Souljia […]

#bigbinkshow – Police are looking for Young Thug.  He is being accused of smacking a woman in a parking lot argument.  Although on the tape it doesn’t show him striking the woman but you can hear the people around the incident saying that the woman was about to get paid!  Check it out HERE

Charlamagne spoke to DJ Vlad about Chris Brown bringing all the drama on himself by letting things that shouldn’t bother him…bother him and then acting out…