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Now this is a football bounty system I can get behind: is offering a $1 million bounty on TIM TEBOW’S CHERRY.  That’s the website where people go when they want to CHEAT.  That’s right ladies . . . If you’re the first woman to show Tebow the pleasures of the flesh, and you can prove […]

First the sports world was shocked that Peyton Manning chose the Denver Broncos as his next team, people were even more shocked to hear that Tim Tebow, who took the Broncos from a 1-4 start to making the playoffs, was going to get traded to the New York Jets. The deal for Tebow to join […]

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“Uncle Luke” says Tim Tebow should throw in the towel!! Luke,  says Tebow should stop playing football and spend his time “spreading the gospel.”  Luke says Tebow would get to “retire while he’s ahead” and that the “American people” would benefit by having him preach his religious beliefs.  Campbell adds that the Denver Broncos quarterback will […]