One the richest men in the world, billionaire Jack Ma, 54, is receiving major criticism after endorsing the controversial culture of 12 hour workdays, 6 days a week in the Chinese tech industry. He says employees working longer hours will get the “rewards of hard work”. Jack Ma is the founder of e-commerce giant […]

The 614

Here’s is an app that will make shoveling snow a breeze. Who the hell wants to shovel all this damn snow we about to get? If you say “No CeCe,” will I got a hookup for you! There are apps where you can request a person to come out to you and shove your snow. […]


Let’s face it, everybody is not an Apple user!  There are actually people who love androids… go figure lol.  For those android lovers the Galaxy Note 8 is about to drop and we have a first look at it before it hits the market! Looks like Samsung has made improvements on the camera and operating […]

Apple’s workforce is still predominately White and male.


Today, Google took to the stage at its San Francisco headquarters to show the world what its been working on for the past year. Aside from the expected new phones, Google is also looking toward the future with a major push in Artificial Intelligence to make it even easier to communicate with the internet. Check […]


Mattel recently released a Game Developer Barbie in efforts to break gender stereotypes in the STEM industry; but one thing the toy company failed to do was feature the doll in different ethnicities. The only available option was a White doll with red hair. After noticing this while picking up a doll for his wife who is a Black game developer, Marcus Montgomery was prompted to come up with a solution of his own.


New drug reforms are slated to be presented to the United Nations in April.


A black woman creates an app aimed to curb employment discrimination.

The stereotype of what engineers are supposed to look like is quickly changing, as evidenced by the Black female engineers kicking ass at Slack, the startup behind the popular messaging platform.

Social media managers, rejoice! The new update for Instagram allows users to switch out of accounts without having to deal with that pesky logging out…

When the latest iPhones came out, many people complained about them being way too big! Well now, rumor has it that Apple has heard the…

Holiday Guide

Tablets are the hottest selling gadgets out there, but with so many, which should you get? For the holidays, try giving the iPad Mini as…