#bigbinkshow – interesting story about Tinashe and how she feel as an artist when it comes to her race.  According to the story below, she feels that being a mixed artist in the music industry has limitations.  It’s sad,  but in the Black community period there has always been a problem with complexions and racism […]

#bigbinkshow We all know the Serena runs the tennis courts throughout the world,  but did you know she speaks over 5 different languages?  Flawlessly #slayinem

Does size really matters?  Lets put the question to test.  When it comes to someone that attracts you, do you prefer that they’re skinny, fit, fat, thick or in between?

NBA superstar James Harden is having a winning season. He recently got paid a ton of money to play in Houston and left the Oklahoma City Thunder. James was linked to dating rapper Trina, but now that’s over with he’s with video vixen Kyra Chaos. And she is a Banger!! SOURCE RELATED::21 Facebook Posts That Ended In Real Life Disaster […]