So when Lil Baby first started in this rap game he would pay Gunna $100 to write rhymes for him so he could learn how to go in there and record the rhyme Lil Baby said “That’s how I used to practice.” If you ask me nobody should have a problem with this because some […]

After being caught more than once with his hands in the nookie jar and after being dissed and dismissed by his furious wife Cardi B, Offset has finally after months worked some call weaseled lol his way back into Cardi’s heart. Cardi told the media after Christmas she was really starting to miss her husband […]

Don’t know if this is a case of it’s cheaper to keep her or if they are truly gonna give it another go, reports outta Cardi’s camp is saying that the female MC is ready to let her rapper husband back in the house and work things out for their families sake. Full Story Here  […]

Ok, so you see someone you like.  What’s the FIRST thing that you  notice? What is it that attracts you to them first. Is there face, personality, backside? Keep it real and call in!