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A former member of Pastor Mase’s congregation is striking out against his former church leader with claims of gross dishonesty and betrayal in a new song.

Articulated through his song Eviction, an artist named Legacy The Jesus has come forward with shocking allegations about Mase.

“That’s the biggest problem man,” Legacy said of Mase’s decision to return to the game under his old moniker “Murda Mase.”  “Because I believed in his vision because I was an artist myself and I always thought it’d be great if we had somebody to get co-signed by these major artists out there and come out, and even though you amongst them, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to represent what they represent. And you can do it respectfully. He didn’t have to bash. I saw and believed in what he was doing. Oh, he got 50 co-signing. That’s what’s up … and he telling the church we gonna do this. We’re gonna do that but then you go back to Murda Mase.”

“For me, I’m an investor dog,” he continued, airing out Mase’s alleged shady ways when it came to getting money from church members. ”Because I’m sewn into your ministry, you pulling us in the back room asking us to help fund your music projects because he didn’t have his label situation yet. So he literally asking people from the church to support that so I’m an investor at this point … you understand. And if you taking my money to do something contrary to what you told me then we got a problem. We got to sit back at the roundtable and talk about what your motives are.”

“What I mean by that is instead of doing what he told the church he was going to do, he went back to being loyal to what his fan base originally supported Mase for. As an artist, when you come out a certain way, your fan base expects you to make them kind of records because they bought into the old Mase. When he tried to transform into the new Mase, he didn’t have enough faith or whatever it was to carry out the assignment, so he thought he had to go back to the old Mase to regain his fan base,” he explained. ”So really, he chose his fan base over the church and you telling us you’re going to do something and that’s why most people leave churches bro because they start making their pastor to be God. No pastor is God, no man is perfect but you’re held to a standard. So if you say you’re going to do something as a pastor, as a lawyer, as a doctor … whatever your profession, you got to do it and he didn’t do that so that’s what I meant by that.”

“Yeah, that’s why most people leave churches behind,” he replied. “You can’t tell me dog, ‘Hey man, be faithful to your wife’ and I’m your pastor but I see you in the strip club with 5 hoes on your lap and your high. That’s a false prophet. You’re not living by what you’re saying and people can take that out of context and that is what it is. I don’t expect Mase to be perfect but I definitely expect him to live by what he’s saying. You can’t go out there doing that bro because people get deceived.”

“It became a hustle for Mase after a while dog. I can’t and I won’t say too much in the interview because I want to make sure people understand they got to follow the music. I don’t want to take away any interest from my projects and stuff but a lot of stuff will be said.  But what I will say is that it became almost like a hustle after a while where he was gauging who he would talk to based around how much they were giving, that’s a problem for me,” he added. “Because all throughout the Bible, there were people who had the least but gave the most. It’s easy for a dude with a million dollars to give a thousand. It’s hard for a dude with a hundred dollars to give 30. It don’t matter how much you give. The point is that person was giving out of what he had and for you to gauge your conversations based around the amount of people giving, that’s a problem so that’s what I meant.”