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If your kids graduate and you get too excited about it, you might end up with a criminal record. A South Carolina mother experienced the humiliation of being arrested for cheering too loud at her daughter’s graduation ceremony, which took place in Florence, South Carolina.

The mother, Shannon Cooper, was ecstatic about seeing her daughter Iesha go across the stage. This led a nearby police officer to conclude that the mom had engaged in disorderly conduct.

I am still living in shock,” Cooper told “It all seems like a bad dream, a nightmare of what was to be one of the happiest days of our lives. I cheered for my baby and I got the cuffs.”

Shannon’s daughter, Christin Iesha Cooper, was a proud graduate at South Florence High School, but found herself in tears when her mother was taken out of the building.

“I am a proud mom,” said Ms. Cooper. “And as soon as they said ‘Christin’ I stood up, started praising, woohooing and cheering it up for my baby. I was like ‘Go baby! You did it’.”

Police claim that they warned those in attendance that anyone who cheers during the ceremony would be escorted out of the building. Maybe they should find a way to make allowances for families who care about their kids.

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