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Chris Brown may be interested in retiring from music, at least as a recording artist, following his next studio album.
Brown broke the news Sunday, telling his fans that “real artist” are “endangered” and after this album he wants to “leave this planet.”

“Real artist are an endangered species. This gimmick age is corny,” Brown told fans, before deleting his comments. “After this album I wanna leave this planet.”
It is unclear if Brown truly means what he said, but it appears that he is truly upset about not receiving credit for his work.
“Be you, but get credit for the work you do,” said Brown. “Not because someone cosigns who knows absolutely nothing about music and culture.”
Despite what Chris Brown said, it is unclear if he really intends to part ways with music or entertainment all together. He does have songwriting, production and directing credits as well as film credits for efforts like “Stomp The Yard,” “This Christmas” and “Takers.” READ MORE