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Donning all white everything, Kanye West fearlessly commanded a sloped stage Friday night as he let his confessional lyrics carry an intimate, winter-themed performance.

Passionate fans flocked to Atlantic City dressed to the nines to get up close and personal with the rapper during his first of three consecutive nights at Revel Resort’s 5,500-seat Ovation Hall.

Without the backing of any special guests or the dancers that have joined him onstage during his past solo outings, Yeezy alone remained front and center for the 75-minute set.

He ascended onto the stage ramp to Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice” and wasted no time putting his personal life on full display, opening with “Cold,” which caused a stir back when it was originally released, as”Theraflu.”

The lyrics, “I had fell in love with Kim,” teased his relationship with Ms. Kardashian well before the pairing was the tabloid fodder it has become. And, the song came under fire from PETA: After he baited them with the line, “Someone tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor,” the animal-rights organization said Kayne has “no empathy for animals or human beings.” READ MORE

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