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At this point, we can’t even be surprised.  Katt Williams has been arrested following a warrant issued after he missed a court date.

So Katt decided not to show up for court in Sacramento, and a judge issued a bench warrant. Remember that 3-wheel police chase the funny man led the police on? Yea, I guess he had better things to do than show up to court. He was charged with evading a police officer while driving recklessly.

That’s a felony, kids.

Law enforcement spotted Katt outside his Los Angeles home and arrested him. He was said to be fully cooperative. As of now, he’s being held on $100,500 bail. What, Suge Knight hasn’t bailed him out yet…? He must still be mad about Katt not helping him fight…

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. What kind of food do they serve in the jail Katt is in? It must be delicious.

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