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The world of Hip Hop paused for a moment when news hit the airwaves about Lil Wayne being hospitalized after having multiple seizures. Regardless if you love or hate Weezy, it is hard to argue against his impact on popular music and culture. He has changed what a rapper wears, drinks, says and does. He doesn’t apologize for being who he is as he pushes the envelop even If it is the tight leopard skinny jeans or his constant reference to fellatio. Lil Tunechi has also infused large doses of R&B into his musical concoctions through his collaborations. Here are ten of the dopest R&B and Lil Tunechi aka Lil Wayne. SOURCE

  • 10) Robin Thicke – Shooter Ft. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne gives this laid back track some energy with his fiery lyrics and witty delivery. He addresses his regional haters and lets them know that he can spit like any cat from the East or West. Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne go back and forth with hypnotic instrumentation and buttery vocals intertwined to give us and amazing song.

“So many doubt cause I come from the South, But when I open up my mouth, all bullets come out.”

  • 9) Mya – Lock U Down Ft. Lil Wayne

Scott Storch and Lil Wayne bring back Mya with this joint. The beat is mean and it works with Mya’s harmonies and Wayne’s lyrics. This is a dope summer time beach joint to pick you up and make you feel good.

“I hope she throw away the key too, Got me tied up like a 3-piece suit.”

  • 8) Lloyd – You Ft. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne puts his stamp on this soulful joint with Lloyd. This song is a perfect balance of hard and gentle… R&B and street.

“You know you give good brain like you graduated from a good school. You know im a good move, you should do…me!”


  • 7) Bobby V – Tell Me Ft. Lil Wayne

If you are a Lil Wayne or a Bobby V. fan, this has to be one of your favorites. Bobby V and Weezy have been able to make magic on tracks. This track is another relaxed R&B track you could two step to. You can’t be mad at this collaboration.

“I ain’t being nasty, I’m just being for real, Let me take off my belt and give you the whip appeal.”

  • 6) Kelly Rowland – Motivation Ft. Lil Wayne

Kelly has come a long way and in “Motivation,” she lets everyone know that she is grown and sexy. This track is a declaration of Ms. Kelly being a woman that knows exactly what she wants and how she wants to feel. Lil Wayne seemed to motivate Kelly to come out her shell and make something that was new, fresh and innovative for her.

“Uh, girl I turn that thing into a rainforest, Rain on my head, call that brainstorming.”

  • 5) Keyshia Cole – Enough of No Love Ft. Lil Wayne

Keyshia Cole always goes hard when she jumps on a track and when she rocks with Lil Wayne it is no different. This heavy hitting track is filled with overwhelming emotions. Lil Wayne has been able to have the ability to express emotions from a perspective that is genuine, but yet, still street. This is a recipe for a track reminiscent of Mary J Blige and Method Man’s collaboration, “All I Need”.

“You just clumsy, always tripping over nothing, That other b**** is just that other b****.”



  • 4) Mary J. Blige – Someone To Love Me Ft. Lil Wayne

Mary J. Blige and Diddy have been rocking with each other since the Uptown days. But adding Lil Wayne to the equation made sure that received that new audience that Lil Wayne has control over. “Someone to Love Me” is a big track that gets you grooving early and takes you for a ride the whole track.

“Go ahead make my day, dirty Harry

Weezy, f*ck the World pop ya cherry

everybody pushing but I don’t fall back

and everybody looking but blind to the fact”

  • 3) Robin Thicke – Pretty Lil Heart Ft. Lil Wayne

Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne seem to have great chemistry when it comes to making clever joints that flirt between various genres. Pretty Lil Heart is a song with a groovy vibe that is contagious.

“I meant to tell you, you the reason I smile more

Who I fell for, you know I beat that, beat that up Rocky Balboa”

  • 2) Kelly Rowland – Ice Ft. Lil Wayne

“Ice” is a track that shows how sexy and sensual Kelly Rowland has gotten. Her new album has shown her growth and Lil Wayne has been a key component to her success.

“I beat that cat, animal cruelty, I’m colder than your man, he should be your ex”

  • 1) Destinys Child – Soldier Ft T.I., Lil Wayne

This is a win, win situation with Destiny’s Child. Lil Wayne and T.I. on the same track! Weezy represents for the soldiers on this track as the ladies explain what they like about those bad boys. Who better to put on a track when you’re talking about a bad boy.

“If you don’t see me on the block, I ain’t trying to hide, I blend in with the hood, I’m camouflage”

Are there any song we missed?

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