#bigbinkshow – People wondered what happened to Miguel, its been a minute since he was all over the charts.  Well,  he has been found signing in museums throughout the country.

#bigbinkshow – Its getting messy!  We don’t know who to believe with the latest in the R. Kelly scandal!  Is he holding women against their will?  Is there a sex slave mansion that Kells runs?  According to one of the victims, she is just fine.

#bigbinkshow – This couldn’t have come at a worst time for R. Kelly.  He is being accused of holding women against their will and running a sex “slave” operation in the guest house of one of his residences in Atlanta.  Nothing is confirmed as we speak but the family of one of the girls did […]

#bigbinkshow – Did B really have this baby?  Are you kidding me?  This is days after giving birth!  She looks like she is about to perform on stage!  Congratz on the twins B!!!!

#bigbinkshow – The Columbus Bee Hive is going Crazy!!!!!!!!!  Today is 7 – 11.  The official Holiday for Beyonce!!!!

#bigbinkshow – C ‘ Mon Google, this is a damn Shame……smh….

#bigbinkshow – Chris Brown’s story is about to be told!  Be on the look out for the Chris Brown story coming to a TV near you.  He talks about what you can expect from the documentary here.

#bigbinkshow – This just came down.  according to TMZ.com, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are targets of a drug investigation that includes thousands of dollars of narcotics including the drank called “purple stuff” or lean.  These allegations actually stem from an investigation of a dealer out of Miami who told people Breezy and Wayne were […]

#bigbinkshow – The residents where Chris Brown resides are pissed!!!!!!   Too much stuff is happening around the Breezy palace and the neighbors are complaining to the LAPD!  Now the LAPD is looking for Breezy to come meet with them for a “come to Jesus meeting”.  The word is every time police go on the […]

#bigbinkshow – Listen to our Homegirl Micah Dixon in the midday tomorrow because she has a huge announcement about Breezy!  Check out his message to the city!  

#bigbinkshow – Just in case you missed the World’s biggest stage of entertainment last night on the Grammy’s, Here are all of your Power artists and their performances!  Click HERE to check it out.  

#bigbinkshow – Singer Chrisette Michelle got a lot of backlash from social media when she accepted to perform at one of the inaugural events.  It was even reported that her own family did not agree with her performing.  But Chrisette had her own feelings about this.  Check out what she had to say HERE