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MIAMI– Roman ‘Suave’ Thomas III and his female accomplice, Shanteria Sanders, reportedly charged johns up to $100 per hour to have sex with a teenaged runaway nicknamed ‘Sparkle.’ When the young girl threatened to leave, police say she was branded.

Roman “Suave” Thomas III and Shanteria Sanders face charges of human trafficking, false imprisonment, lewd and lascivious exhibition and delivery of a controlled substance to a child.

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When a 13-year-old prostitute tried to leave her pimp, the Miami man forced her to tattoo his street name on her eyelids.

The teenager now has her torturer’s nickname, ‘Suave’, on her right eyelid. On her left eyelid, she was inked with the word ‘House’, suggesting that she belonged to him.

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Suave, known formally as Roman Thomas III, was arrested last Monday by Miami police. The 26-year-old and a female accomplice, Shanteria Sanders, “compelled and coerced” the young girl into becoming a prostitute, giving her drugs to keep her obedient.