#bigbinkshow – They say Money is the root of all evil!  Blood is thicker than water!  Keep your enemies close, even if your enemies are related to you!  Lil Boosie is dealing with his own brother staling Money from him!

#bigbinkshow – Well, Webbie ain’t had a hit in a while and now he’s making headlines another way by popping up in the gossip section of blogs across America.  According to reports, He got arrested and you wont believe the details on why  below…smh..

#bigbinkshow – 50 Cent got the TV’ s rocking with  the “Power Series” and everyone wants to know what he thought about the new Jay Z Album – Here is what he said here:

#bigbinkshow – Check out Mamma Dee singing Happy Birthday!!! She really surprised me, I had no idea she was kinda dope with those cords.  Maybe she can put out a record?

#bigbinkshow – How many Celebrities do you know that will get a fan to come on stage after they punch them?   This happened while 50 cent was performing as he went to the audience to give dap to a female fan and she pulled him to get closer and he came back with a […]

Talk about breaking the internet! Kendrick Lamar’s album dropped a little early as it was scheduled March 7th for release.  It has been disabled from being purchased on itunes.

The show Empire has steadily climbed the rating charts every week leaving viewers anxious to see the 2 hour finale this Wednesday.  But do you think using the N-Word would make the show better? Taraji doesn’t think so.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta made their way to Columbus, OH and dropped in to the Power 107.5 studios to catch up with DJ Big Bink and City. Joseline hit on a lot of big topics including if her a*s is real and she finally admits Stevie J is her pimp. Listen to the interview below! EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J […]

MIAMI– Roman ‘Suave’ Thomas III and his female accomplice, Shanteria Sanders, reportedly charged johns up to $100 per hour to have sex with a teenaged runaway nicknamed ‘Sparkle.’ When the young girl threatened to leave, police say she was branded. Roman “Suave” Thomas III and Shanteria Sanders face charges of human trafficking, false imprisonment, lewd […]

Comedian Bruce Bruce knows a thing or two about pimpin!…well at least he thinks he does. Bruce Bruce tells The Power Morning Crew that some preachers are pimps too. Listen to why he believes so and some of his other hilarious thoughts in this exclusive interviews. Like Power 107.5 on Facebook to stay updated with […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Momma Dee is quickly becoming one of the fan favorites. Her strong love for her son Scrappy and “No Play” attitude make her one of the most dynamic characters on the show. The PMC has been giving you the exclusive interviews with the cast members from Love and Hip Hop […]

<strong>Bishop Don Magic Juan</strong> In The Pulpit Back In The Day <!--more-->