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The question is What are YOU gon do now? I ask you again, What are YOU gon do now?

Its easy to sit back and hop on Instagram/Twitter and Facebook and talk about how justice wasn’t served and the system isn’t fair and “Race” played a part in this case and the verdict. But I ask you Homie…”What are YOU gon do now?”

You can now see that this system for Justice that we use is REAL. Whether you agree with the Zimmerman verdict or not you have to respect it.

What are you doing in your Community that is making a difference?

Have you pulled your Pants up?

Have you checked the brothers on you block that is tearing down the value of your neighborhood?

Have you thought about how to separate your surroundings from the real reality of society?

Continuing to Call women Bitches and Hoes…(no matter what race you are)

Do you respect your Elders?

When is the last time you redirected a young brother who was about to do something stupid?

I hate to say this but I see the pattern all the time. A tragedy happens and then everybody says “Man we need to come together to make a difference.” This goes on for a couple of weeks and is Swept under the rug and guess what….the same S#@& happens again..

I’m part of the young Folk out here trying to make a difference in this WORLD. I here too much complaining and not enough doing with our people.

Back in the day if you was acting out you got yo but whopped by the Elders in the neighborhood and they took you to yo mama or Daddy…

That is almost unheard of now. Acting a damn fool has become kool (especially when it is filmed and put on social media platforms….)

Its gon get worst if we don’t slow down and start taking control of ourselves…

July 15, 2013….Ask yourself, what are YOU gon do now?

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