Beyonce getting petitioned by fans? Looks like its to ban a concert that’s planned to be segregated. A new petition now asks Beyonce to cancel her upcoming concert in the deeply religious and volatile country because its oppression of Palestinian citizens.  Do you think Beyonce should play in Israel?

In other news, both Kanye West and Chris Brown gets tough love from judges.  In result of the Paparazzi assault incident last march, Kanye West was ordered a day in jail, 24 Anger Management Sessions and 250 hours of community service.


As for Chris Brown, in addition to his month of Jail time, the judge ordered him one shower every two days.  What kind of craziness is that?  I suppose these restrictions will  help Chris Brown get his act together.  We sure hope so.

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-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”

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