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“Cuffing season” is like mating season for humans. It’s like what would happen if Noah’s Ark had a nightclub on deck seven. With angry breezes slapping us ever so gently across the face and wintertime right around the corner, it can only mean “Cuffing Season” is upon us yet again, and that people are pairing up whether they like it or not.

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While some dismiss “Cuffing Season” as some sort of urban myth, check and see how many of your friends were born mid-year. Do the math; their parents were out cuffing (pun intended). But as natural as an event as it may be, remain leery and cautious, because some men’s set of cuffs come with a loftier price than you signed up for when you allowed the shackles to be placed upon your ankles and wrists.

Last week, we discussed the 5 types of women to avoid during “Cuffing Season.” This week we’ll take a look at the men. Ladies, be vigilant and aware or suffer the consequences…

The Gainfully Unemployed

The gainfully unemployed guy has no intentions of ever getting a job. Instead, he works just as hard at not getting one, tying together loose ends and finding shortcuts to survive.

He’ll assume all the household job duties and even be the best stepdad in the world if need be, just for an allowance and a place to lay his snapback-covered head. Occasionally he’ll pour all his efforts into selling weed to make ends meet, but that only lasts as long as his current victim girlfriend chooses to give him money. Once she gets tired of aiding and abetting his felonious activity, his re-ups dwindle and down goes his clientele. The biggest hiccup with this man is that if he put half of his hustle energy into searching for gainful employment, he’d have his own car by now, instead of driving yours all day (while you’re at work). The hopelessly unemployed cat might have a self-esteem problem that you can’t fix with hugs and kisses or sex and may be so messed up by his childhood that he no longer has the drive to be productive.

Essentially, he tapped out of real life, but this only becomes your problem if you allow it to. By the time you tire of giving him money, it’s too late. Your credit is shot and you’ve incurred debt that you didn’t know you had. Instead of giving him money, give him tips on how to create an attractive resume or simply change the locks in the middle of the night..

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