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I knew sis could fight like a man. The internet police are so damn nosey. So much so somebody found a mugshot of rapper Megan Thee Stallion from back in 2015. She was apparently arrested and charged with assault after fighting her ex-boyfriend at SXSW. Why? She found out that he had a whole baby […]

Dear celebrities: If you’re going to pull a publicity stunt, at least don’t set it up via text message with some chick on your Instagram. So here’s the tea: A few weeks back, rumors began swirling that B.o.B. and girlfriend Sevyn Streeter (who just happens to be one of #TeamBeautiful’s favorite stars) had split up. On […]

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  “Cuffing season” is like mating season for humans. It’s like what would happen if Noah’s Ark had a nightclub on deck seven. With angry…