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Chris Brown & Karreuche

Source: Noam Galai / Getty

So I know you have been wondering what are Chris Brown thoughts on the interview with his ex Karruche?

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Chris Brown Responds To Karrueche’s Iyanla Vanzant Interview

Karrueche’s tearful rundown of her six-year ordeal relationship with Chris Brown really hit him in the heart. Apparently Chris watched the entire life fixing/Breezy bashing session start to finish…and ultimately couldn’t object to anything Karrueche had to say through her sobs. As a source shared with HL:

“He’s not mad at anything she said in that interview. He just wants her back.

He wants her to reminisce on all the good times they’ve shared. The love and passion that they both have for one another. Chris thinks that’s enough to jump-start their relationship. Not only that, after seeing just how hurt he made her feel, he vowed to never let her down again if they got back together.”

Damn…after seeing everything he put her through he STILL won’t just leave her alone?? The source says that

watching the interview was a real turning point for Chris — even leading him to a breakthrough on how he deals with women.

“It was gut wrenching for him to watch. He felt bad and had a knot in his stomach the entire time she explained how she was feeling.

He came to the reality that he’s the problem. Not [Karrueche.] Not Rihanna. Not Nia or another woman. He concluded that he’s the one with the emotional and commitment problems and if he doesn’t get those issues in check, he’s going to severely damage every woman he comes across throughout the rest of his life.”

Did Iyanla manage to fix two lives for the price of one with her little therapy session?


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