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Donda West Signs Copies of Her New Book, 'Raising Kanye' - June 6, 2007

Source: Brian Ach / Getty

The doctor who operated on Kanye West’s late mother Donda before she died from surgery complications wants the rapper to bring him vindication.

Dr. Donda West died in 2007 after complications from a liposuction, a tummy-tuck, and breast-reduction surgery. Her death prompted investigations into her operating surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, and her nephew and post-operation caregiver, Dr. Stephan Scroggins. Both men have been cleared, but in a recent interview with The New York Daily News, Adams said he still unfairly carries the blame.

“Most people that I run into think she died on the table, they don’t even know this lady was home for a day,” Adams said. “The truth hasn’t been revealed… It didn’t need to happen, that’s why it’s sad. She should still be alive.”

According to The Daily News, Adams believed Dr. West ingested as many as 20 Vicodin pills, aspirated food content into her lungs, and subsequently died. A coroner report lists West’s cause of death as“pre-existing coronary artery disease” and “multiple post-operative factors following surgery” including constriction from her bandaging and the use of pain medication.

Both Adams and Scroggins were cleared of any wrongdoing, but Adams says he wants West to speak out and help restore his reputation.

“I think the truth needs to be out there,” Adams added. “If he had any b***s or if he was any kind of man he could. But the real answer is he probably won’t.”



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