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Faux-Black NAACP activist Rachel Dolezal was really riding this whole “strong Black woman” act until the wheels fell off. Video of a talk she gave back in February on embracing natural hair has hit the internet, and in it she is educating Black folks on the history and beauty of all the natural coils and kinks that she definitely was not born with. Ironically, Rachel even touches on the brown paper bag test and how many fair-skinned African Americans passed for white to get better job positions and societal standing… *Blank Stare*

Via MailOnline:

In a lecture posted just this past February, white NAACP leader talks about the history of black hair and her own personal experiences.

Rachel Dolezal gave the presentation at Eastern Washington University, where she teaches, and talks about, among other things; a timeline of black hair, ‘nappiness,’ and the brown paper bag test in which only blacks with light skin were welcomed into events or offered jobs.

The name of the lecture was Black Is Beautiful.

Dolezal opened her lecture by reading the poem Among the Things That Used to Be by Willi Coleman.

Coleman, a professor at University of Vermont, wrote the poem about black hair, ending the piece by saying; ‘Beauty shops could have been a hell-of-a-place to ferment a revolution.’