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Looks like Trey Songz has some paying up to do to the IRS, nearly 1 million dollars!

Via Bossip

IRS Hit Trey Songz With Tax Lien For $748,870.08 In Unpaid Taxes

Is Trey Songz on his way to becoming the next Wesley Snipes?

According to a TMZ report, the “Foreign” crooner owes the IRS $748,870.08, and they want every red cent NOW!

Last month in Miami, Uncle Same and his paperwork goons hit Tremaine Alson Neverson with a federal tax lien that could take a big chunk out of whatever nest egg he has saved up.

We’re sure Trey will say he had no idea and blame it all on a shady accountant or something, but Unc ain’t trying to hear all that. All he wants is his gwap. Trey best to figure it out ASAPington.


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