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Don’t try mama, because she’ll get you together even if the whole world is watching.

Just days after she was praised for being the exemplary NBA wife, Savannah Brinson James showed off her parenting skills for all the world to see, right in the middle of the Cleveland Cavaliers victory parade.

During the parade, the entire James family is seen riding along the parade in a top-down convertible. While NBA Champ and Finals MVP LeBron James is busy documenting the parade on his phone, and smoking a victory cigar, his youngest son, Bryce, was throwing beads into the ocean of fans in front of them.

But Savannah wanted none of it, as the camera captures her sternly telling her son to cut it out. When he doesn’t listen, her Claire Huxtable-like fury only grows, showing that no matter how many rings daddy has, it’s mom who runs the show:

People couldn’t help but laugh over the familiar site of a mom who’s just trying to get her kids to behave in public.

Maybe NBA officials should have considered letting Savannah unleash on Draymond Green as punishment for that flagrant foul.


SOURCE: Twitter | Photo: Getty

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