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Tommy Chong, 78, Actor, comedian, activist, known for Cheech and Chong

The best idea? Turning my wife into a stand-up comedian. I was on the road and very lonely, and my wife is very beautiful. You can’t have beauty laying around—someone will pick it up. So I had a gig in Guam and [I wanted her to come]. She goes, ‘I don’t want to hang out in the dressing room.’ So I said, ‘How about if I put you in the show?’ She started off just introducing me and then it evolved into doing time. Next thing you know, she’s got her own act.

Nicole Byer 30, Actress, writer,  *Loosely Exactly Nicole, Lady Dynamite, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

I think it’s helpful to write while high because you say silly shit and you think about it for awhile. I wrote a sketch about bougie mice who can’t be caught with cheese—they have to be caught with artisanal things. In my brain [I was like], “This is hilarious. It will break comedy.” Then I read it sober and was like, “Oh my god, this is pretty bad.”

Andrea Drummer, 45, Chef,  Elevation VIP Cooperative

My job itself was conceived after getting high. A friend of mine, who is now my business partner, had been given some product and he asked if I could make some edibles out if it. I thought, OK, I’ll try it, because I wanted to see what product I could come up with. At home I had some heirloom tomatoes, some cheese, some fresh herbs, and a great piece of bread, so I made bruschette. It was just something I made in school. Then I ate maybe seven pieces. Suffice it to say, I was really, scary high.

That night, we brainstormed the idea [of making gourmet edibles]. In two weeks, we had the logo, the permit, everything.

Whats the best idea you’ve had while high?

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