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“Hopefully me and Tay Roc can clear up the bulls**t before the battle,” said Rex.


The back and forth between Tay Roc and T-Rex is entertaining but at the end of the day, we want a great and drama free battle. The two will get everything off their chest this Sat. (Nov. 23) on The Battle Academy in Philly. The one-round battle has a lot of eyes anticipating both a great battle and unfortunately a fight too.

Rex has repeatedly said on camera with 15 Minutes Of Fame he does not want things to get violent because he got love for Roc but is not going for any disrespect. Of course, there is also the situation with the Dot Mobb chain that Roc has been taunting Rex with daring him to do something to get the chain back.


“Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this s**t and go in and get our money,” Rex said.

Roc utter similar words to 15 Minutes Of Fame agreeing a sitdown is going to happen with The Battle Academy owner Stizzz before the battle on Saturday. He also wanted to reassure the fans that he not coming with “no dumb s**t, that’s never in my agenda.”


We all want to see these two get their rounds off and be able to go their separate ways. I would love to see them be able to be in the same space and it all be love. My worries are not really with the battlers themselves but their entourages.

Source: 15 Minutes Of Fame

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