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Family and fans really thought they were to welcome home the rapper with an early release.


According to TMZ, law enforcement officials report that Bobby Shmurda was denied parole after his interview last week. On Monday reports surfaced about the denial but no specific reason was given at the time.  But with credit for time served, and good behavior, Shmurda and his team hoped he’d be out in 3 and a half years. However, TMZ reports that Shmurda was interviewed by the parole board last week and his request for release was denied. At the moment no reason has been given for the denial.

The speculation is that Shmurda not being a model inmate at least factored into the parole board’s decision. TMZ reports he has tallied at least 11 violations since his incarceration. Back in early 2017, he pleaded guilty to sneaking a shank into jail.

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How limited was Shmurda’s enjoyment of his success? “Hot N*gga” and his Shmoney Dance moves went viral in the Spring of 2014 and tore down the summer before he found himself behind bars by the winter of 2014. Many feel like Shmurda took the fall for his gang affiliation rather than actually committing a crime worthy of a 7-year long stretch.

Shmurda was sentenced to six to seven years after he copped a plea in Sept. 2016 for conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon, among other charges. It’s looking like he will have to serve his maximum sentence of seven years, which means he won’t be released until December 11, 2021. By that time he’ll be 27-years-old.

2020 is not letting up, for anybody.

Source: TMZ, CeCe On-Air