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Drake’s “Find Your Love” is the latest single to be released from his upcoming album, Thank Me Later.

To answer a question posed by Hot 97’s morning show hosts DJ Cipha Sounds, K Foxx, and Pete Rosenberg, this song is definitely not hip-hop.  It’s not an R&B record either. It’s a straight up pop record, the kind of pop record that gets mistaken as an R&B record all the time.

Drake’s autotuning his way through the whole song. While he’s a much better “singer” than Kanye or Weezy, it goes to show that Drake isn’t really a rapper at all.  The former Degrassi kid is merely a chameleon who adapts himself to the sound of whoever he’s working with.

When he was just an unknown MC from Canada a few short years ago doing tracks with underground cats, he sounded just like them.  When he hooked up with Young Money, he sounded like Wayne.  Now on this Kanye West produced track, he sounds like he’s made what would’ve been a great 808s & Heartbreaks album cut.

So what does this mean for the rest of Thank Me Later?  Will one of his musical identities prevail over the others, or will they battle it out as he tries to appease the fans of each one?

If it’s the latter, expect Thank Me Later to be a sprawling mess that’s best purchased a la carte on iTunes.

What do you think about “Find Your Love?”  Leave us a comment!

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