So I know Drake has a lot of female fans and all but the fact that his Cleveland fans were throwing so many bra’s on stage is just well… you tell me…

And he also slobs down a female fan all over her neck and body like he trying to wife em’ in the club… LOL! He is such a tease…

This summer in Cleveland has surely started off on a good foot. Maxwell and Jill hit the stage in CLE last week this week we had one of the biggest rappers in the game perform in Cleveland for the first time. Not only that but history is made on this Cleveland stage…. More about that later…

If you missed it then don’t fret we got plenty of pictures and video to make you feel like you were. This SOLD OUT event was packed to the capacity with a diverse group of fans. It is so crazy that all of them knew every single word to Drake’s songs and couldn’t stop yelling uncontrollably when he hit the stage… See opener clips at bottom.

Drake gave his all to Cleveland considering one of his biggest fans and friends, Lebron James was in the building. Yes, Lebron entered the room to take his seat from a private entrance but that didn’t stop the fans from seeing him. When fans began to realize this was the King MVP the crowd roared with applause and screaming. Blinding lights of cameras flared up non stop for at least 5-10 minutes. I was not surprised since Lebron is getting an out pouring of Cleveland love with all the rumors circulating about how he may leave the Cavs… I doubt it tho.

So it also was not a surprise when he exited the room… I’m sure he could see after the blinding flashes… little did we know where we would see him next… I was asking myself if this was a Drizzy Drake concert or a Lebron James concert? Lebron shared the stage with Drake the majority of the concert. I didn’t know how close they were till I seen it on stage.

See clips of us announcing the Summer Jam and Drake’s complete performance with his hype man Lebron James.