Looks like R.Kelly will be suing Lifetime if they air the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” according to the singers lawyer it paints the singer as being sex-crazed and a abusive cult leader. A legal letter obtained by TMZ  — warning the network that its “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary is packed with lies. Nix threatens to file […]

#bigbinkshow   –   We all think that cars you can lock remotely are more than safe.  Nowadays it seems almost every car has a remote that opens, close, starts the engine, shuts off , etc.  The problem is now thieves have gotten smart and are “cracking” the codes and manipulating your remote to steal […]

#bigbinkshow   Ye is having a tough time….He recently shut down his St. Pablo Tour and is now reports are saying that he is receiving psychiatric care at a LA hospital.  Here is some new footage of Kanye on Ellen which could of showed signs of the breakdown and was to come this past weekend. […]

#bigbinkshow     Black America has often wondered why Michael Jordan has never spoke out about issues that affect African Americans…..He finally came out to speak.  Check out what he had to say HERE about the Killings of African American Men and Police    

They were retailed at $225 upon release are now selling for around $1,000…That’s over a 400% increase in value … in less than a week.

  Look, at the end of the day you got to get this money out here in these streets or “skies” the best way that you can! I can remember a line from the movie “The Players Club” when Diamond was told to “use what you got to get what you want.” Well this Airline […]