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Back in the day people would yell “The roof is on fire”, “Tear the club up” just a couple of chants people would shout out while dancing never really wanting the roof to be on fire or for everyone to tear up the club. And to my knowledge there has never been a song that […]

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#bigbinkshow – According to reports a transgender put singer Bobby V on blasts for allegedly “not paying” for services rendered.  The video shows Bobby half naked and retrieving his pants to leave the apartment.  In a second video,  the transgender woman address the incident.

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  According to Columbus Firefighters are looking into the cause of an overnight blaze at an apartment complex off of East Livingston Ave.   Two people were reportedly taken to OSU Wexner for precautionary reasons.  For more on this story click here     SOURCE 10TV.COM  


  According to ABC6 an apartment complex off Brice Road just north of Livingston Ave in the1700 block of Century City West around 9 p.m.  The complex caught on fire after a series of explosions at the complex maintenance building.  No reports of any injuries but a lot of families have been displaced. It is […]

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Its really getting scary and crazy with this Ebola situation…..According to, A Dallas County sheriff’s deputy in Frisco who said he was feeling ill and who had been in the apartment of Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who died today (Wednesday) of Ebola, has been hospitalized. CHECK out the full story HERE   Looks like everybody […]

  It looks like while Stephon Marbury is busy overseas playing basketball, his bills aren’t being taken care of. The former NBA player’s New York…

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The police always report from heinous crime scenes saying things like, “In my 35 years on the force, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Well,…

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Two men were shot inside an apartment on East 20th Avenue early Sunday evening. According to the Columbus police, the tow men were arguing with the possible suspect moments before a shot was fired. A squad was sent by the Columbus police to investigate the scene. The suspect is in custody and the two men […]


A Man in his early twenties was the victim of a fatal altercation involving two suspects who shot and killed him in a Southeast Columbus apartment Sunday night. Police are not identifying the victim. Read more on this tragic story HERE. RELATED LINKS:   Columbus Teens Crash Stolen SUV Internet Fuels Sex Problem In Central […]

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<strong>Lil Wayne</strong> can't sell his place because he stays high all the time <!--more-->