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Atlanta rap og, Ludacris, fell victim to car theft Monday. His Benz was stolen after he hopped out to use an ATM in Atlanta. Luda reported to police that he heard his car drive away while he used the ATM. He wasn’t able to get visual on the car thieves either. Authorities were able to […]

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I hate calling this lazy as hell bbuuutttt when the shoe fits lol I really don’t know how this is gonna play out or even taste but the way you get pizza now has changed for ever with the opening of the “Pizza ATM”. Only (for now) on the OSU Campus Via Fox News …..The […]


When you hear stories like this don’t you ask yourself “Why not me”!!! Well if you don’t live in Texas and if you weren’t at that particular ATM then your just like me SOL ($hit Out of Luck) 

The 614

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#bigbinkshow – How in the hell could this happen?  This happened down in Texas and you won’t believe the details….

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https://twitter.com/UDCLaw/status/655133994065989632 Jason Goolsby is suing the city of D.C. for assault, battery and failing to prevent false imprisonment by Metropolitan Police Department officers. After footage surfaced of the black college student being forcibly detained by D.C. police in Eastern Market went viral last year, many flooded the streets to protest the injustice. According to reports, the […]

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WATER COOLER TALK: Colorado lawmakers are blazing hot, pun intended, because the new pot shops have ATMs in them where welfare recipients can withdraw cash and spend on items in the shops! Lawmakers are proposing to add legal pot shops and strip clubs to the list of places where EBT cards cannot be used to […]