Finally Breaking Bad fans can rejoice after wait for years for the Breaking Bad movie to come out , well wait no more because the trailer is out and the movie As a true Breaking Bad fan this is what i’ve been waiting for the past 2 or 3 years , after the way the […]

So when Lil Baby first started in this rap game he would pay Gunna $100 to write rhymes for him so he could learn how to go in there and record the rhyme Lil Baby said “That’s how I used to practice.” If you ask me nobody should have a problem with this because some […]

The 614

It was a bad weekend to have your name rhyme with Blue, Hue Jackson head coach for the Browns and Tryone Lue head coach for the Cavs were relieved of their duties Lue after a 0-6 start to the NBA season and Hue after having the worst 3 year stretch of any coach in NFL […]

#bigbinkshow – Would you buy an R Kelly ticket to see him perform?

#bigbinkshow – I’m not sure about tatts all over my body but Diddy went to extreme.  This is really dope what wil it look like when he gets 64?  #randomthought #cantsellit #whatifhisbackitches #whtifhescrapeshisback? #backupoffme  

#bigbinkshow – Yo I seen this on Facebook today!  This dude took two of the most popular songs From Bruno Mars and The Migos and flipped it!  This might be the best cover out today!

#bigbinkshow – Wale spoke out against Donald Trump recently in an interview but not like you would think.  Actually,  Wale thinks that Trump is uniting the country and People are coming together.  Crazy right?  Check out exactly what he meant in the video below and why the #bigbinkshow agrees with him. WALE SPEAKS

Rickey Smiley and some dear old high school friends went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, when the subject of his difficulties with math in high school came up. He recalls a hilarious of story of why he had to take a lower level math class and graduate separately from his friends. Sign Up […]

That Bad Boy, Diddy wants to go out with a bang before officially retiring so he can focus on his acting career. He wants to end with the only way he knows how, and that’s performing! He wants to hit the road for one last tour before making his retirement official. Here’s what Diddy had […]

In case you really don’t notice the signs screaming it all around you, Special K lists 5 signs that you’re at a really bad super bowl party. Listen…

Prayers Up For Boosie!  Stay tuned for more on this news.