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#bigbinkshow – Three Words – “Watch Yo Kids!!!!”

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#bigbinkshow You Have to watch this whole interview in its entirety!  This was amazing! A white Nationalist and a Black Journalist trade views and opinions about the future of this country.  This was on News One Now with Roland Martin this week.  Check it out and see who you agree with.        

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Actress Lindsay Lohan is in the headlines again but this time for losing a body part! Lindsay Lohan almost lost her ring finger in a boating accident and then ended up having it reattached, accorind to TMZ..  She was rushed to E.R. where a plastic surgeon reattached it.   YIKES!

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    #bigbinkshow      Lil Yachty is being called one of the hottest rappers in Hip hop right now….Is this Hip hop or merely just entertainment?  You be the Judge..  


Summer is coming to a close and much like the rest of us, celebrity families are taking in the last days of the season by…